Andalusian traditions

Córdoba is a city with ancian culture and with a priceless legacy. For this reason, we want to share with you a special place in Córdoba. If you want to know true andalusian culture, you would to go at Casa de las Tradiciones. Located in San Basilio Quarter:

This charming place will wrap you with the magic essence of other time. La Casa de las Tradiciones is a typical white cordoban house with a lot flower pots. Inside, you will find differents workshops with artisans who works with love, patience, dedication and passion.

Córdoba is a city very know for its tradition in creating silver jewelry. In this place, you will know the history about cordoban silver with a special mention to Filigrana cordobesa (an amazing art of tiny silver jewelery). Also you can buy bracelets, rings, necklaces…etcétera.

 Another emblematic space of this house is Gastronomy Workshop.In that place you will taste gourmet local products like Iberiam Ham with Origin Denomination Los Pedroches, Virgin Olive Oil with Origin Denomination Montoro-Adamuz, Garlics of Montalban…and much exquisite products! Is a real pleasure to for the six senses 🙂

Finally you cant leave there without going Reading Workshop. Is the best opportunity to know the latest works of poets, writers and artists from Córdoba. In conclussion, La Casa de las Tradiciones is a full immersion in the soul of Cordoba!

Besides art, La Casa de las Tradiciones organised excursions, activities and workshops (for example: routes of poetry, seminars about bullfighting and cavalry, saeta recital in Holy Week) in several parts of Córdoba.  This place is open everyday of year, in horary thursday to saturday: 10:00h-14:00h and 17:00h-20:00h, Sunday: 10:00h-14:00h. The price to entry at this place is 3 €. You can find more information about prices in this link:


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